Hubsan X4 H107C – 720p Drone Survival Kit!

$152.27 $137.04



We at Tiny Drones have hand picked some of the best accessories for the Hubsan X4 and put them together in a package that is both affordable and fun! The Hubsan X4 has taken the world by storm by becoming one the best consumer level micro drones on the market. We are thrilled to offer the Hubsan X4 to you at an affordable price with all the accessories you need!

Hubsan X4 Features

  • 4ch Frequency at 2.4GHz
  • Flight time: around 7 minutes
  • Charge Time: Around 30 minutes
  • Control distance: around 100 Meters
  • Camera: 2.0M pixel
  • Video: 720p
  • Micro SD card slot (Micro SD not included)
  • LED light to distinguish front from back during flight


Hubsan X4 Accessories Included

  • Kingston 16Gb Memory Card with Card Reader
  • Li-Po Safe Charging Bag
  • Set of Four Replacement Hubsan X4 Feet
  • Replacement Hubsan X4 Shell
  • 3 Extra Batteries
  • 3 Extra Sets of Blade Props (Total of 12)
  • 5 Way Multi Charger
  • Extra Blade Prop Guard


These are included with the Hubsan X4 drone which already comes with a battery, blade guard and two sets of blade props! Take advantage of the saving today!