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5 Hubsan X4 Parts You Should Always Have a Spare Of

Flying a Hubsan X4 is awesome, but sometimes after a crash landing you are left missing some key Hubsan X4 parts! With any of these parts missing you will be unable to use your Hubsan X4 in any way shape or form. This article was designed to make sure you ever never left stranded and […]

Using Fireproof Li-Po Charging Bags to Store Your Batteries – Safety 101

  What are Li-Po Charging Bags? LiPo Charging Bags are pouches that are designed in such a way that in the event of a Li-Po fire, the bag will contain the flames and leave the objects around it relatively safe. The bag itself is made of a high tech polymer which is fire retardant and […]

Drone Racing – The Future of Flying for Fun

  What is Drone Racing? Drone Racing is just as it sounds. A race between drones. As we discussed in the article: Lets Define the Word “Drone”. “A drone can be any object that is controlled by someone, however it is piloted outside of the object its self”. So when we race drones, its just […]

Difference Between Li-Po and Li-On Batteries

A question I get asked commonly is “What exactly is the difference between Li-po (Lithium Polymer) and Li-on (Lithium Ion) batteries?” and to that I generally say quite a bit really. However in an effort to make that information available to everyone I have decided to write this article. Now when looking at the world […]

10 Ways You Can Increase Quadcopter Flight Time

How many times have you been out flying your favorite RC device, you are enjoying the weather, maybe you got a few fans watching your every move and you finally got into your groove. Then, suddenly your battery is dead. Its not a fun feeling. Especially if you are in the middle of a field […]

Hubsan X4 Camera Review (H107D)

Today we are going to take a look at the Hubsan X4 Camera on the H107D. This camera is 480p so while its not exactly the greatest video quality by any regard it certainly has many jobs which its capable of doing. You can see a demo of the video above and I highly recommend […]

What is a Drone? – Lets define the word “Drone”

Definition of Drone The word drone gets tossed around a lot these days. We see it in the media and throughout our daily lives everywhere (heck, I even called my business Tiny Drones!) and yet we are unable to agree on a solid definition of what a “drone” is. I hope to at least put […]

What should I fly? – Quadcopter vs Helicopter

Quadcopter vs Helicopter Today we are going to pit two iconic fliers head to head! The infamous Helicopter to the newly popular quadcopter! Its time, quadcopter vs helicopter, which unit will win out? Read on to find out! Flight Characteristics Quadcopters are very stable fliers. This is because they have four props which keep the […]

Hubsan X4 H107D – A cheap FPV Quadcopter!

A lot of people are interested in buying a cheap FPV Quadcopter. Whether it is to just do some inspections in places they cant reach or just to confirm the footage they are shooting. A FPV (First Person View) remote adds a valuable aspect to the flying experience and increases the quality of the overall […]

5 Reasons the Hubsan Q4 is the Best Quadcopter For Beginners

  We often get asked what we think the best quadcopter for beginners is. Obviously this question depends on the individuals comfort as well as skill level. But for brand new fliers our answer is always the same. We recommend the Hubsan Q4 and in this article we will explain five reasons why we recommend […]