5 Hubsan X4 Parts You Should Always Have a Spare Of


Flying a Hubsan X4 is awesome, but sometimes after a crash landing you are left missing some key Hubsan X4 parts! With any of these parts missing you will be unable to use your Hubsan X4 in any way shape or form. This article was designed to make sure you ever never left stranded and ensure you are always up in the air!

Hubsan X4 Parts WingsHubsan X4 Propellers

It may seem obvious but you would be surprised at how often I get an order for new sets of propellers from upset fliers who have lost their last set of wings! These are probably the most common part to go missing and I recommend having at least two to three back up pairs at any given time. This will ensure that you will have enough leeway to receive a new set before you lose your old one.

Hubsan X4 Li-Po Batteries

Li-Po Batteries are an important Hubsan X4 part in more ways then one. The obvious reason you need a spare battery is in case you lose or damage your first one. Your drone wont be getting very high if it doesn’t have a way to power its self. However what if you want to fly for more then 15 minutes? Chances are you are going to need a couple spare batteries to keep your flight session going! If you want to have a one hour long flight session you should have a MINIMUM of four batteries at your disposal!

Hubsan X4 Body Shell

Having a back up body shell is useful after a particularly terrible landing. Flying with a broken shell will almost always lead to other Hubsan X4 parts taking damage as well. The body is easy to replace and not to expensive either! You can even use it to store extra parts so you don’t lose them!

Hubsan X4 Parts Drone Multi-ChargerHubsan X4 Charger

Chargers are easy to lose and can sometimes be difficult to replace, given the proprietary nature of the Hubsan X4 charger. Luckily we carry a 5-in-1 drone charger which can be used to charge up to five Hubsan X4 batteries at once! This isn’t just about having a spare part but rather having an upgraded unit that will ease your quality of life.

Controller Batteries

This one is probably the most obvious but you should always have spare AA batteries for your Hubsan X4 controller. If you don’t you may have to make a quick run to the corner store before you can continue your session which is never fun. I recommend buying large packs for twenty or more batteries and keeping them somewhere safe around the house.