Using Fireproof Li-Po Charging Bags to Store Your Batteries – Safety 101

li-po charging bag exploaded



What are Li-Po Charging Bags?

LiPo Charging Bags are pouches that are designed in such a way that in the event of a Li-Po fire, the bag will contain the flames and leave the objects around it relatively safe. The bag itself is made of a high tech polymer which is fire retardant and lightweight. This is the perfect vessel for storing Li-Po batteries because you never know when a Li-Po battery will explode.

Why Should I use Li-Po Charging Bags?

Li-Po charging bags are something every RC enthusiast should be using. Many people ask me how to store Li-Po batteries and these bags are always my first recommendation. To understand why, lets talk a little bit about Li-Po batteries.

There are many things that make Li-Po batteries ideal for RC products, such as its lightweight, and high energy density. (More information on the differences between Li-Po and Li-On batteries can be found in my other post.) However one major problem that Li-Po batteries face is the fact that they WILL catch on fire if not properly maintained. It is important to make sure you are not over charging your batteries as well as making sure they are stored correctly. Dont allow them to be stored in a area with a high amount of heat.

Li-Po charging bag on fireHow Should I Use Li-Po Charging Bags?

Using a Li-Po charging bag is simple. You just open the bag, and place the charging battery inside the safety bag. Always ensure you don’t leave the battery in for longer than necessary. Just because the
Li-Po charging bag can prevent a fire, doesn’t mean you should actively try to start one! One should also ensure they NEVER try to charge punctured or damaged batteries. If you damage your battery through a crash landing its best to just get another battery, rather then risk a fire.

Where can I get Li-Po Charging Bags?

You can pick up a Li-Po charging bag at most RC hobby shops as well as here at Tiny Drones! They can be purchased here. Remember to always use safe charging practices and never leave your batteries unattended. These bags are meant to help deal with fires that are out of your control. They are not meant to be left unattended all day long.